Immersive Analytics for
Alpha Discovery | Economic Modeling | Fraud Detection | AI Governance™


You need to analyze business problems from every angle.  But visualizing data on traditional flat screens has hit the limit. Viewing all perspectives on a 16-column spreadsheet would have required 1820 unique screens, until now. Machine learning is fast, but lacks your experience and judgment.

We're re-inventing how you visualize modern datasets. Our immersive analytics solution lets you explore big data across many dimensions at once. With a single, clear-eyed view, you intuitively gain new insights, faster.

Explore and Discover

See data on as many as 14 dimensions at once, animated over time.

Zoom in, around, up and down, change views and toggle between variables to explore data from all angles without having to pivot or slice.

Identify new patterns, anomalies and outliers.

Accelerate data analysis, and complement existing models and methods.


Distill complex findings to convince stakeholders.

Simplify complex patterns for team discussion.

Gain control over AI and Machine Learning with AI Governance™ and compliance solutions.

Our Story

Bob Levy launched Virtual Cove to overcome a gap he saw between analytics methods and our human potential to process more data, faster.

Today you make business decisions based on oversimplified charts that are limited by 2D screens.  But you are capable of so much more.

Take driving a car. You intuitively process many simultaneous factors: the curve of the road, the rear view mirror, your speed, other cars, rain on the windshield, your next turn and arrival time. 

Imagine applying the same innate spatial awareness to data exploration. Our immersive data visualization solutions portray high data volumes and many relationships in a single multidimensional view. We combine machine power with human intuition to yield unprecedented insight.

Led by executives who each bring decades of enterprise software and industry experience, Virtual Cove helps solve otherwise impossible problems in quantitative investing, banking & finance, risk management, cybersecurity, defense & intelligence and other industries.

How It Works

AR or VR headsets provide the level of immersion you prefer.

Supports numerous deployment and hardware scenarios.

Hyper-dimensional view into columnar / discrete, surface and time series data.

Integrates with real-time data feeds.

Integrates with existing systems & models via Python, MATLAB and our SDK.


Virtual Cove's customers quickly glean crucial insights from massive amounts of information. Whether defending their shores, seeking Alpha, exploring risk, identifying fraud, or tweaking complex models, they make the impossible become routine.

Due to the confidential nature of client work, please contact us directly to learn how our solutions apply to your needs.